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Whether the business offers a few niche products with a classy looking theme-based website, Or a marvellous and dynamic website selling a multitude of products is what the business is about: Our website consultants assist you every step of the way in the nailing that perfect website as per your needs. One that is not just unique but also works brilliantly to suit the business requirements.

Do you aspire to become the next big Entrepreneur.Would you dare to dream and start your own online business?
A unique website design and state of the art assistance, Diligent WebTech is all that your business needs!!!

A fully-featured ecommerce website delivering an intuitive and innovative shopping experience with essential feature including :

  • Payment Gateway System Integration : A wide range of payment methods including multiple international currencies.
  • WooCommerce : Our WooCommerce developers provide feature packed, secure and scalable WooCommerce enterprise web applications.
  • System Integration : Wide ranging Shipping and Logistics Providers, Third Party service providers for improving the online presence.
  • Inventory Management : Diverse number of web stores and business catalogs.
  • Order Management : The ability to track orders through specially developed self-service portals.
  • Advanced Ecommerce : Fulfilment and Integration with Backend Systems and ERPs.

ecommerce life cycle

Recording a high percentage of annual sales and counting, e-commerce is an invaluable tool that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It’s a revolutionary way for selling products at relatively low Costs!

Our custom eCommerce solutions include:

  • Booking Engines
  • Web2Print Websites
  • Product Builders
  • Bill Payment Solutions
  • Custom Shopping Carts on Open Source Platforms like Magento

Diligent Web Tech provides a cutting-edge ecommerce solution service that assists in transaction with customers and suppliers in an efficient manner. The approach adopted by our professionally trained team of experts in the global market is critically reputed for success. The results obtained are higher revenues with a managed inventory, content management, invoicing and sales processes. Having previously worked with Fortune-500 companies as well as many Startups, our holistic e-commerce services include the all important ground-up development apart from customization and integration. The complex e-commerce solutions inculcate a multi-tenant architecture and a powerful User Interface for consumers from differing industrial background. The solutions include:

  • Rapid Development and Easy Deployment
  • eCommerce Consulting and Strategies
  • Flexible Engagement models
  • Minimum Viable Products with Proof of Concepts
  • Web Marketing
  • Hosting Assistance

Always the First Bet: Magento

Highly Scalable and teeming with features, Magento (open-source e-commerce platform) is always our first choice. It is cost effective, easy to use with fast deployment services. Our seasoned team of Magento programmers specialize in both community edition (open-source) for small volume projects as well as the enterprise edition for catering to comprehensive ecommerce solutions. The Magento experts at Diligent specialize in:

  • Magento stores
  • Custom Module: Plug-in Development and Integration
  • Magento Theme integration (paid and custom)
  • Third party API integration
  • Scaling up: Multi store multi website

Diligent Web Tech: Pioneer of Next-Generation eCommerce Business Solutions

Today’s eCommerce agencies are constantly evolving and are always looking for more advanced solutions to extend their horizons. Diligent specializes in state-of-the-art ecommerce solutions based on reliable statistics and research oriented resolutions devised specifically in accordance with clients requirements:

  • Advanced System Integrations
  • Portal Development and Standalone Application
  • Robust eCommerce Solutions
  • Performance and Security optimizations
  • Latest Updates and Upgrades at par with Industry

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