Mobile APP Development Services

Smartphone, with just the blink of an eye have taken the world by storm. Mobile engagement in todays time is growing 8 times faster than web adoption did in the 1990s and early 2000s. The most amazing aspect about these smartphones and their user friendly applications is the business potential and the huge opportunity that resides in them, due to their sheer vast numbers. To leverage the potential from mobile development, you need to go the mile to have an edge as your customers now have on-the-go access to your services.

Is your business really prepared for the smartphone boom?
Intuitive Mobile Apps are a great way to increase the exposure of your business.
They are a simple yet elegant method to get connected with the everyday smartphone consumer, build a strong and healthy community for the brand.

The businesses can today place useful tools at the fingertips of their targeted consumers, across markets throughout the world. Thus, a smart business would definitely inculcate the mobile app culture and harvest the possibilities of profits.

Deliver stunning mobile apps and websites that help you fit well into the mobile lifestyle of your audience!

At DiligentWebTech, the Mobile Application Development Services Include :

  • Android Applications: Core Java
  • Iphone Applications: Swift
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Hybrid Applications: Mobile UI Design
  • Mobile Apps Testing
  • Tablet Apps Development
  • Mobile Websites

Mobile APP Development Services

Which one to Choose: Mobile Apps v/s Mobile Websites

The choice between mobile websites and mobile apps depends strongly on the use cases and the target audience. Mobile applications are capable of consolidating customer loyalty, and the brand value, as well as the user experience. However, it can be expensive at times, especially for large scale requirements as developing a native app becomes a necessity. Outlined below are some of the key advantages of mobile apps

  • Unmatched User Experience : Excellent User Interface and streamlined interface, Offline data, Access to hardware features like Camera, GPS, NFC, Accelerometer and more.
  • User Loyalty : Think of a mobile app as a software installed on your Desktop. And the applications downloaded from the respective stores tend to be opened repeatedly. Further, website may not be accessed in a manner similar to mobile applications.
  • Unlimited Possibilities : The ability to store offline data with mobile applications as well as having access to hardware features. Push Notifications and cloud services further extended the access. Mobile apps facilitate multitasking, such as perform tasks in background when your app is not even in focus.
  • Tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google render well-structured ecosystem such as iOS and Play Stores for downloading mobile applications. Moreover, Enterprise distribution services are separately managed.

Our USP: Guidance from Step One

DiligentWebTech assists clients in comprehending the end-user with UI design & architecture, competitive analysis, promotions, prototypes, tests, and launch that further improve the business revenue. The infrastructure and the skilled team of developers employ cutting edge techniques for app development, with a strict focus on a rich interface that is both attractive and intuitive for user. The team has an expertise at developing a very wide range of multifarious mobile and tablet applications. It is perhaps essential for business to offer a smooth and impressive mobile experiences to their customers in this 'smartphone era'.

Our designers and expert team of developers are renowned for creating innovative applications for Apple iPhones as well as the Android OS. The resultant apps function smoothly and are also stylish in appeal. Make the most of the smartphone boom in the country. Get in Touch today!!!