Email Marketing

Diligent Web Tech has won critical recognition in past for devising 'personalized' email marketing strategy that uniquely serve your brand’s marketing requirements. The highly creative team in-house team comprises of innovative thinkers and industry experts that specialize in crafting brand strategies, messages and consumer centric identities for lasting a spiritual impact upon the consumers intellect. At Diligent Web Tech, we help you send the kind of emails that your customers just won’t be able to ignore.

The holistic and exemplary Email Marketing services focus on building lasting relationships with customers, rather than just selling your product/service.

Two-thirds of all marketers rate Email marketing as being capable of delivering an ROI that can be labelled as either 'excellent' or 'good'. And they are not wrong at this! Emails actually are close to 40 times better at acquiring new customers, as compared to social media Facebook or Twitter. On top of this, it brings together the entire Social Media of your brand under just a single email. Our email marketing campaigns ensure traction and brand engages with customers and at the same time deliver value that they’re looking for. Our email marketing solutions include:

  • Newsletter Campaign Management : Our team loves to plan & create highly effective Newsletter Campaigns. Your target audience is gonna find it hard to ignore these emails.
  • Designing & Content Development : With years of creative exposure, our team is capable of engaging the audience with quirky visuals and witty content. Trust us, folks just love these things...
  • A/B Testing : Informed decisions are important not just for your business but also for consumers at the time of making a purchase. Diligent Web Tech specializes in creating and testing multiple email campaigns, hit-&-trial for measurable analytics and effective results via which emails get the most user clicks.

Email  Marketing

Planning an effective Email Marketing Campaign

An Email Marketing Campaign requires a lot of hard work. Finding the key to a stand-out message is essential. We find that key for you. We create visually appealing, catchy and entertaining Email Campaigns that clearly send out your message to the target audience. How we do it? Here's how:

  • The email marketing campaign is based on your customer segment
  • High quality engaging content is planned and eventually written, for generating traction and utmost of shares on social network.
  • Beautiful newsletter templates are designed that capture the imagination of everybody.
  • Insightful reports are generated after campaign execution, for improved success results from the future campaigns.
  • Streamlining of all marketing efforts for efficacy and smooth execution of all email activities. No hassles guaranteed!

Try our services today and experience the difference. The outright success of our services is evident from the clients consistent profit ratios and lucrative revenue charts, an effortless customer experience and an accelerate growth rate.

Get in touch with our experts and discuss your project. We would love to hear from you!

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