Case Study: Fastweed

Fastweed is a cannabis Marketplace website. At fastweed, the vendors/sellers can able to register their account and seller their product at fastweed. They can use bulk upload, customize their business location, stores, products, Assign products etc.

Customized functionality:

  • Bulk upload: Seller can able to upload product one by one as well as in bulk using csv. They need to upload csv file and that’s it. their product will be imported in the system. At a time multiple seller can upload the product in bulk in that case the system might be crash, for this i make a channel. In this channel, the bulk uploaded file records saved in queue. and one by one the queue is processed. in this way multiple sellers can upload their product at a time
  • Assign product: The seller can sell the same product. For this there is no need to create new products. Only find out the existing products and add the seller product detail over the existing product that’s it. in this way two seller can able to sell the same product.
  • Show nearest store first: The nearest product is visible for the customer.
  • Leaflet map: Customer can able to check the product on the advanced map, search over the map and choose their product from the map.
  • Microsite: Once seller created an account, a micro website is auto created for the seller with subdomain (using AWS API). In this way the seller can point that micro website to their own particular domain without any cost.
  • Customized theme: Created custom theme and integrate with the website
  • store pickup and local delivery time slot at checkout page: provided the pickup and delivery time slot option at the checkout page, so the customer can get the product on the time.

etc many more functionality is developed and customized with the website